Universe At War  - Petroglyph Games; 

Digic Pictures was contracted to produce the opening cinematic for Universe At War. I worked with Digic and provided feedback and approval throughout the production for the scene and unit models, animations, timing of shots and overall look and feel.  

Instant Jam  -  Instant Action; 

Instant Jam allowed the player to use their own music libraries to play the game through Facebook. 

Garage Games;

These videos showcase the primary goal of getting the Torque 3D engine updated and competitive with competing game engines.  The team did a fantastic job of executing new and exciting visuals, at the time, a big leap in the Torque community visual bar.

Boom Blox Bash Party - Electronic Arts;

Art directing BBBP was a great deal of fun, the team was small but we accomplished a great deal and  as a bonus, I was able to meet with Mr. Spielberg!